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Welcome to my website. My photographs are regularly published in magazines, calendars, and brochures. In addition, I create fine art prints of my photographs and sell them to collectors all over the country. I also teach classes on photography and printmaking and conduct seminars on nature photography."Perfect Balance" by Robert Tinari

Over the years, I tried painting in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Hard as I might try, I was never able to convey what I was feeling when I painted a scene. Then, I picked up a camera, learned how to use it as my paintbrush, and it set me free! Finally, I am able to capture what I see and feel. I have found my voice.

I am drawn to color, so my fine art photographic work is in color, not traditional black and white. To me, color is an essential element in conveying what drew me to the subject in the first place and to what I was feeling when I made the photograph. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of my photography is when people tell me they see the world in a different way once they've viewed my work. People are always calling or writing to share with me some beautiful image they've seen in nature that reminded them of my work. I take this as the ultimate compliment.


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